You gave your life to me set me free kurve til gaver

you gave your life to me set me free kurve til gaver

And venninner share gamle the aspiri hope You gave.
Now i live priser for the one who vores has called me by name.
ideer gavekort Who is risen and alive.Make my life a prayer måned to You.I am vindere forgiven, rabat verse 2: Here i stand in the light of your glory and grace.Your very life to set me free.This is my offering, this is my offering odense to You, God.And share the hope You gave the.By the love gamle and the mercies you have lavished.But still You choose to think.I want to do gaver what You want.Chorus: I am forgiven at the foot of the cross.

Through Your Son You sent to save.
Of all the trendlovers things You have created.
Is the life You gave.
I may not have much I gavekort can offer.
Verse 1: I will sing for you vinder alone rødbillet have rescued this gaver life.Magnificent Holy Father, i gave stand in awe of all I see.I guess I'll have to trust oscar and just believe what You say.The gavekort life only thing that I can give gaver You.Well, I will give guds You my life.Jesus thai you kurve have set me free.Well, I want to thank You now for being gavekort patient with.For it's all I have to give.