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Forced city fun, every 14 February in Japan, women give men giri choco giri means obligation, choco means chocolate.
A month later, on White city Day, men give their female gift-givers something white, like personlige marshmallows, white cake or gave sweets, handkerchiefs or stationery, and dags sometimes more expensive fare like pearl-studded jewellery.
Bryan Lufkin is BBC Capital's features writer.
Its not based on romance per se, says Setsu Shigematsu, associate professor of media and cultural studies at the valentins University of California, Riverside.We sell a lot esprit of chocolate and other ingredients to patisseries for making fresh cakes.So can White Day survive if Japans Valentines Day continues its identity crisis?But as the solbrille BBC reported last month, as robust as Japans chocolate sector is, the blowback against Valentines (and subsequently White Day) is apparent.For us, the biggest impact event in business is Christmas in Japan, a lot of people eat dags Christmas cake followed by Valentines Day.Could it take White Day down with it?According to the Japan Anniversary Association, an organisation that registers and studies the nations events gave and holidays, White Day spending last year fell about, from 59bn yen (around 530m, 404m) to 53bn yen (475m).In a macho, male-dominated era, I guess that made gave sense, she says.Still, thats over 1bn, and not small business.

The invented tradition of females giving gifts on Valentines Day, followed by a gavekort month later by males kupon reciprocating them on White Day, is teeshoppen just not holding in terms of sales figures, lalandia given the other economic and social shifts happening.
With the gift-giving-back culture, it does add up, Hidaka says.
Might we be able to infer something about stena modern teeshoppen Japanese culture from all this?
Gender roles and gender identity are shifting in Japanese society, as elsewhere.
It's not a day on which you're supposed to do something extra for the sake of smooth relations hertz at work.White Day should be the third most important, says Mayumi Nagase, a product manager for Puratos, a Tokyo-based chocolate and pastry company.Like us teeshoppen on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on instagram alka Sign up to our newsletter.Hidaka says that it was designed to give women the chance to show their feelings.He says he doesnt see any extra business or clients on White Day, as its less about going out to eat, and more about giving and receiving okaeshi.White Day is incomprehensible have you ever seen marshmallows more expensive than chocolate?Follow him on Twitter @ bryan_lufkin.The near-mandatory nature of Japanese Valentines Day has led to gift-giving burnout in recent years.If there arent as many women giving out chocolates, there will be fewer men spending cash to thank them a month later.People rabatkode may be tired of the hassle that can come from this particular exchange of gifts, since it blurs the lines between romance and obligation.But mind you, you are not giving it to just one rabatkode person, so it does add.So-called Hallmark holidays in the US, for example, include Sweetest Day, essentially gave a much less popular.A handpicked selection of stories from BBC Future, Culture, Capital and Travel, delivered to your inbox every Friday.Return gifts that are more expensive than chocolate received from women on Valentines Day are expected, so it is a troublesome day for males as they have to decide gave what to give back, he says.